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Latin Name: Chimonanthus praecox
Forestart Reference: CHIPRA2

Welcome, heavily scented, pale yellow flowers appear in Feb. A deciduous shrub that thrives in a sheltered spot. The flowers attract early insects.

Native: China
Provenance: China 
Size and Spread(10yrs) : 3m x 3m
Treatment: Mildly dormant. Soak for 2-3hrs in tepid water.
Keep warm and moist for 3 days, then chill for 5-8wks.
Sow in cold frame. Germination slow and erratic, but eventually good. 
Germinal seeds : 650/kg
Ideal sowing period: spring
Soil: prefers moist but well drained
Planting instructions:
Mature Height: 4m
pic courtesy of Wikimedia 

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