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Latin Name: Pyrus calleryana
Forestart Reference: PYCAL1

A pretty and resilient ornamental deciduous tree that grows to 15m. When young it has a teardrop shape but spreads with age. The showy white blossom appears before the leaves in spring and give rise to small hard brown fruits in the Autumn. Extremely resisitant to fireblight.

Common name: Callery /Bradford / Ornamental Pear
Native: China
Size and spread (10 years) 6m x 4m
Treatment required: Mildly dormant requires 16 weeks stratification 
Germinal seeds / kg: 28,000
Ideal sowing period: Spring
Soil conditions: Suitable for most soils but prefers well drained soils

Mature height: 15m x 7m


pic courtesy of Alpsdake CCBYSA3.0 



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