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Latin Name: Eucalyptus globulus
Forestart Reference: EUGLO1

To make a large specimen this tree requires the mildest of climates. In other situations it appears as a sparsely branched tree in "tropical" bedding schemes. Leaves on the young trees are silvery but as the tree matures they take on a blue-green hue. The source of the essential eucalyptus oil.

Common name: Tasmanian Blue Gum.     
Native: Tasmania, Victoria.      
Provenance: Australia      
Size and spread (10 years): 15m     
Treatment required: Requires pre chill.     
Germinal seeds / kg: 38,000     
Ideal sowing period: Spring     
Soil conditions: Prefers deep moist soils but tolerates clays well.       
Planting instructions: cool wet tropical forests, south west UK. 

In poor conditions grows into small stunted specimens
Mature height: 60m +

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