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Latin Name: Abies pinsapo
Forestart Reference: ABPIN1

The National Tree of AndalucĂ­a, now endangered. Narrowly conical in shape with stubby, evergreen grey-green needles giving an ornamental blue-ish appearance from afar.

Common Name: Spanish Fir
Native: High altitude southern Spain and northern Morocco
Provenance: U.S.A.
Size and Spread(10yrs): 4-5m tall, narrow, slow growing.
Treatment: semi-dormant, requires moist pre-chill
Seeds/kg:  15,276
Ideal sowing period: autumn or spring
Soil Conditions: Normal, fertile moist but well drained soils,
neutral to acid
Planting instructions: Makes a good specimen tree, 
give space to develop a good shape

Mature Height:10m -12m slowly 

pic courtesy ofpinseydra5, Por los caminos de Malaga CC BY 2.0


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