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Latin Name: Picea meyeri
Forestart Reference: PICMEY1

Decorative, mediumly fast growing Spruce with grey green needles, purple male catkins and copper brown cones. Rare in the wild, since subalpine forests are in decline. Wher commercially planted it's used for construction timber and pulp, but could be a good Xmas tree.

Common Name: Meyer's Spruce
Native: High altitude China, Mongolia 
Provenance: USA
Size and Spread(10yrs): 4m x 3m
Treatment required: damp prechill in fridge of about 4wks only
Germinal seed/kg: 149,000
Ideal sowing period: early spring to autumn
Soil Conditions: normal loam, acid, free draining
Planting Instructions: tolerates exposure, north facing slopes and cold weather.
Mature Height: 25m in time



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