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Latin Name: Pinus uncinata rotundata
Forestart Reference: PIUNC1

Also known as Pinus mugo uncinata or P. mugo rotundata, some confusion exists about this Mountain Pine! Found infrequently on high wet moors and survives in frost pockets. Grows to a wide pyramid with a strong leader.

Common Name: Dwarf Mountain Pine
Native: Western Europe 
Provenance: Czech Republic
Size and Spread (in 10yrs):10-20m x 3-6m
Treatment required: none
Germinal seeds/kg: 137,500
Ideal sowing period: sow anytime, in wettish compost.
Soil conditions: Damp, acid moorland is ideal, 
but tolerant of drier conditions too.
Planting instruction: Very cold tolerant and grows well
in wet soils. Slow growing.

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