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Latin Name: Larix x eurolepis
Forestart Reference: LAEUR1

Found in Dunkeld, Perthshire, in 1897. An intermediate between the parents (kaempferi x decidua) but with hybrid vigour. A deciduous conifer which gives good yellow autumn colour, contrasting well with other forestry trees. New growth varies from pink to orange brown.

Common Name: Dunkeld Larch
Native: Scotland
Provenance: Denmark
Size and Spread (10years): 6 x 1.5m
Treatment required: Cold moist 4degC for 3-9 weeks
Germinal seed/kg: 144,66/kg
Ideal sowing period: March to May
Soil Conditions: Deep moist alkaline preferred
Planting instructions: A good, fast growing forestry tree, 
producing tough, waterproof timber
Mature Height: 40m







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