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Latin Name: Pinus cembra
Forestart Reference: PICEM1

A small slow growing tree with an almost columnar habit and purple / blue cones. The densely arranged dark blue green needles are blue-white on the inner surface. Resistant to white pine blister rust and is being used to try and breed for resistance. Slices of the cone are used to flavour Schnapps

Common name: Arolloa / Swiss Pine.
Native: Central Europe and Northern Asia.
Provenance: Germany
Size and spread (10 years): 2.5m
Treatment required: Deeply dormant requires 28 weeks stratification treatment.
Germinal seeds / kg: 500
Ideal sowing period: Spring
Soil conditions: Most soils but not shallow chalks.
Planting instructions: Happier in north and northwest regions and will grow well at altitude
Mature height: 15m. Slow and steady growth. 

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