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Latin Name: Sanguisorba officinalis
Forestart Reference: GREBUR

Tight round globes of purple-red flowers on waving stems in summer and autumn, over divided, soft green leaves.

A perennial of damp, reasonably fertile meadows and floodplains. It used to be fairly common in the North and north Midlands, but is no longer seen very often, presumably because of farmland drainage and improvement. It spreads by creeping rhizomes and will make quite large clumps. The soft green, divided leaves, looking a bit like Mountain Ash or Rowan, die back in the winter. Tightly packed, small purple-red flowers are produced on waving stems, approx 60cm tall, in June until the autumn. Apparently they were used in the Lake District to make a wine and generally to treat nosebleeds, burns and insect bites. Possibly used as a food source by the rare Large Blue Butterfly.

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