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Latin Name: Verbascum thaspus
Forestart Reference: VERTHA

Sturdy, tall spikes of yellow flowers are held above rosettes of woolly white leaves, through the summer.

This is a biennial of dry, poor places, roadsides and wasteland, but it is useful and not out of place at the back of borders or in between shrubs. In the first year, rosettes of grey woolly leaves grow and in the second tall, robust spikes of pale yellow flowers emerge - up to 2m.tall Also known as Aaron's Rod, Adam's Flannel and Donkey's Ears because of it's softness. In herbal medicine it has been used to alleviate coughs,especially consumptive coughs, and asthma. Yellow dye from the flowers can be used to brighten fair hair and leaf poultices used for bruises and rheumatic pains.

Sow in the autumn, on bare ground, where it is to flower and in a sunny spot. Usually needs a winter before it germinates.


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