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Latin Name: Lunaria annua alba
Forestart Reference: LUANAL

A tall biennial, in its second year produces almost luminous white flowers in tall spikes followed by translucent round, flat, decorative seed pods.

A stately biennial of the cabbage family, for the back of the cottage garden. In the first year a rosette of leaves and in the second spikes of almost luminous white flowers are produced, early summer. These are useful for insects and butterflies. Seed is produced in flat translucent discs sometimes known as Deadmen's Pennies. Tolerant of poor, dryish soil and light shade to full sun. Some of this seed will give purple flowers and some will give the highly desirable variegated leaves. Best sown early autumn or spring and if left to it's own devices, will seed itself freely.             Seed from Cheshire

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