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Latin Name: Rhinanthus minor
Forestart Reference: YELRAT

Yellow flowers in May, on plants ranging from 10-60cm tall. A good source of nectar. One of the useful tools for establishing a wildflower area

An extraordinary annual wild flower of meadows and verges of medium to low fertility. It is a semi-parasite on other meadow species, whilst still photosynthesising for itself. In partially using other plants, especially grasses, it suppresses their growth and so helps with the establishment of other wild flowers. Populations cycle every 3-5years depending on the health of the parasitised grasses. Thrives in mown or grazed meadows where it can be allowed to seed itself in July. Sow sparsley into short grassland in Aug-Dec to allow for the 3mth period of cold needed for germination.

Seed from Shropshire 

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