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Latin Name: Anthemis arvensis
Forestart Reference: CORCHA

Daisy flowers, slightly scented, from summer to early autumn

White daisy-like flowers with yellow centres are held above the faintly aromatic ferny foliage from June to Sept. Used to be widespread, but now found on disturbed soils and field margins, mainly in the south. Prefers light, sandy or calcareous soils in full sun. Decorative in the wilder parts of the garden. Sow in the spring or autumn. It will be necessary to disturb the soil in the autumn if you want this Mayweed to seed itself. Often used as a nurse crop for other perennial wildflowers and is a good source of nectar for hoverflies.

Seed fro Shropshire 


pic courtesy of H. Zell GNUFDL 1.2 



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