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Latin Name: Dipsacus fullonum
Forestart Reference: TEASE

Statuesque biennial with pink/purple thistle-like flowers

Known as Fuller's Teasel, Venus's Basin or Brushes and Combs, this grows in damp places, woodlands and stream edges. Rosettes of spined leaves form in the first year which collect the dew in discrete decorative drops (used to clear freckles and sooth the skin). In the second year, robust stems up to 2m are produced, densely spined, topped with heads of small purple flowers. The seed heads, spiney also, were used to straighten wool fibres before spinning(carding) and after weaving, to finish fabric with a fine pile e.g billiard table baize and hats. Goldfinches feed on the seeds. Sow anytime of year.

Seed from Shropshire 

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