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Latin Name: Primula veris
Forestart Reference: COWSL

A favourite harbinger of spring. Yellow scented flowers on stems of 20cm.

Grows in meadows, on banks, roadsides and lawns. Flower stems are topped with uneven whorls of scented blooms. Garden-worthy especially when planted at the front of perennial and shrub borders. Prefers moist, but well drained soil, calcareous to neutral, and sun.

Seedlings will appear round the mother plant if left undisturbed. Seed needs a cold spell to germinate, so has to be sown in the autumn outside or put in damp sand in the fridge for a few weeks before sowing.

Historically the flowers were used to make wine, were strewn before brides on their wedding day and made into garlands to be worn in the hair.

Seed from Shropshire 




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