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Latin Name: Vaccinium myrtillus
Forestart Reference: VAMYR1

A small deciduous shrub that is in flower from May to June and the seeds in the form of tiny berries ripen from July to September. It is noted for attracting wildlife and there is a particular bee called the Bilberry Bumblebee!

Common name: Bilberry
Native: Europe
Provenance: UK
Size and spread (10 years): 0.2m x 0.3m
Treatment required: Mildly dormant requires 16 weeks stratification treatment.
Germinal seeds / kg: 2000000
Ideal sowing period: Spring
Soil conditions: Prefers light well drained soils, preferably acid. Can tolerate exposure but not coastal areas.
Planting instructions: Sun or semi shade but flowers better in the sun   
Mature height: 0.2m x 0.3m

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