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Callery/ Bradford Pear

A pretty and resilient ornamental deciduous tree that grows to 15m. When young it has a teardrop shape but spreads with age. The showy white blossom appears before the leaves in spring and give rise...

Carolina Silverbell

An elegant, fast growing, deciduous, woodland tree with delicate, white pendulous bell flowers in spring followed by four-winged pale green fruit and yellow autumn colour

Caucasian Wing Nut

A large wide spreading tree with a short trunk and deeply furrowed bark. The leaves are pinnate and up to 60cm long with toothed leaflets. The pendulous catkins that appear in summer are lime green...

Cherry Laurel / Common Laurel

A vigorous wide spreading evergreen shrub with dark shiny green leaves that is often used for screening. It produces attractive erect clusters of white flowers in spring that give rise to small cherry...
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Cherry Plum

A small deciduous tree smothered in small white flowers in early spring. Mature specimens bear red cherry-plums. It makes an excellent shrub for a dense hedge.

Chilean Firebush

In late spring spectacular narrow tubular orange flowers emerge on this narrowly conical tree. Semi-evergreen and needs a sheltered spot, against a wall is ideal.

Chinese Barberry

An excellent dense growing, evergreen spiny leaved bush. The leaves are copper tinted when young. The scented yellow flowers are borne in bunches of up to 15. It makes a good hedging plant.
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Chinese Dogwood

A decorative slow growing large shrub or small tree, suitable for small gardens. Long -lasting leaf-size pinkish-white bracts surround the small flowers from early summer. Superb autumn colour
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Chinese Mahogany

A highly decorative deciduous tree, often multistemmed. Long and large pinnate aromatic leaves, often pink when young, used in Chinese cuisine. Smooth bark on young trees becomes shaggier with age...

Chinese Wisteria

Probably the most noble of climbers. The leaves are made up of 9 to 13 oblong leaflets. The mauve or deep lilac flowers are borne before the leaves in spring and are produced on racemes up to 30cm...
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