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Cornus controversa

Can become a large tree when grown in damp/semishade. Architectural, tiered and layered branches. Purple autumn colour.

Cornus florida

A large shrub or small tree. In winter the flower buds are enclosed in 4 white bracts which open in spring; the bracts appearing to form "petals" which are tinged pink at the apex forming a very...
from £2.50

Cornus kousa

This is an elegant , large deciduous shrub with abundant, white bract formed flowers. The leaves turn rich bronze in autumn and are accompanied by the small strawberry like fruits.
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Cornus kousa chinensis

A decorative slow growing large shrub or small tree, suitable for small gardens. Long -lasting leaf-size pinkish-white bracts surround the small flowers from early summer. Superb autumn colour
from £1.25

Cornus mas

A large shrub or small densely branched tree that produces a profusion of small yellow flowers on its twigs in late winter which result in red cherry like fruits. The leaves turn reddish purple in...
from £2.50

Cornus sanguinea

A deciduous shrub with red flushed stems that give colour in winter. The leaves give a rich purple autumn colour.

Corylus avellana

A large shrub or small multiple stemmed tree that produces delicate, yellow, long female catkins called lambs tails in late winter and is used in large gardens as a shrub for screening. It produces...

Corylus colurna

A remarkable tree with a symmetrical, pyramidal form which is quite striking. The corky, deeply fissured bark is also an attractive feature. It is the only hazel with a single straight trunk.
from £3.50

Cotinus coggygria

A deciduous shrub that has rounded green leaves that colour well in the autumn. Fawn coloured plume like inflorescences are borne in early summer turning an attractive smoky grey colour by autumn.

Cotoneaster acutifolius

A shrub with shiny green foliage in summer that turns orangey red in winter. Pinkish white flowers in June give rise to black fruit in July. It is a hardy hedging plant that thrives in poor soils.
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