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Chaenomeles lagenaria

A beautiful and early flowering ( February to June) shrub. Often used for Bonsai as its small flowers are shown off to marvellous effect.

Chimonanthus praecox

Welcome, heavily scented, pale yellow flowers appear in Feb. A deciduous shrub that thrives in a sheltered spot. The flowers attract early insects.

Clematis vitalba

A rampant climber with rope like stems that form dense curtains of vegetation. It seeds vigorously and is more suited to extensive wild situations rather than a formal garden.

Clerodendron trichotomum

A soft leaved medium shrub with exotic white flowers and pink calyces in late summer. These are followed by white, maturing blue fruit sitting in the now cerise calyx. Flowers are heavily scented and...
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Colutea arborescens

A vigorous shrub with pretty yellow flowers. These form striking red bladder like papery pods which persist well into winter when the leaves have gone. It is a very adaptable and fertile plant often...

Cordyline australis

A small evergreen tree with a single trunk topped with a dense mass of long sword like leaves. It produces small creamy white flowers in large terminal panicles in early summer. A very striking plant...
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Cordyline australis purpurea

A purple leaved version of the New Zealand Cabbage Tree. Again this plant requires a sheltered situation and protection from severe frosts.
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Cornus alba

A well known deciduous species growing a thicket of stems up to 3m high. In winter the rich red stems are impressive. The fruits are white or light blue.

Cornus alba siberica

Not as robust as some forms of Red Barked Dogwood but it is an outstanding medium sized shrub with coral crimson winter shoots.

Cornus canadensis

This plant is actually a herbaceous perennial with a creeping woody rootstock. It forms an attractive carpet of foliage starred with white flowers which are succeeded by bright red fruits.
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