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Carpinus betulus

A medium sized tree with a grey fluted trunk and toothed green leaves that are an outstanding yellow colour in the autumn. The green catkins in spring give rise to the small winged nuts in the autumn.

Carya ovata

When mature, forms a stately, open headed tree with plates of bark peeling away from the trunk. Leaves are made up of 5 leaflets similar to Walnut, to which it is related. Long yellow catkins in...

Castanea sativa

A large, beautiful, quick growing tree. It is often found in parkland as a specimen tree with a smooth grey bark and long dark green toothed leaves which contrast with the long, yellowish spring...
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Catalpa bignonioides

A medium sized deciduous tree from the eastern USA. Its leaves are up to 20 cm long and it has attractive white flowers with yellow and purple markings. The fruiting capsules are around 30cm long and...

Celtis australis

A small to medium sized tree with lance shaped leaves that are rough to the touch on their upper surfaces. Its bark is smooth and similar to that of Beech.

Celtis occidentalis

This deciduous tree (it can be evergreen in very warm climates) has a deeply fissured corky bark. In the UK it rarely produces its black fruits.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Small deciduous tree with attractive heart shaped leaves, pink when new, fresh green sometimes tinged purple in summer and then bright yellows, oranges, reds and pinks in autumn. Autumn leaves have a...

Cercis canadensis

A small tree with a compact round head. The pale rose coloured flowers are pea like resulting in a flat pod in autumn. It can be shy of flowering in temperate maritime climates such as is found in the...

Cercis siliquastrum

A medium sized tree or large shrub which becomes wreathed in lilac flowers in late spring even on the main trunk. These develop into purple tinted seed pods in autumn.

Chaenomeles japonica

A small, low growing, thorny shrub with bright orangey red flowers which appear in early spring. These develop into rounded yellow fruits in the autumn. This deciduous shrub has small oval mid green...
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