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Berberis wilsoniae

A splendid small semi-evergreen shrub with sea green leaves and coral coloured clustered fruits. This species has no cultivars and is mostly grown from seed. Good for low prickly hedging.
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Betula ermanii

Ermanii has a distinctive creamy white bark which shows off well after the leaves have fallen in winter. In the summer it has conspicuous bright green heart shaped leaves.

Betula lenta

Also known as Cherry Birch because of the similarity in foliage and Sweet Birch because of the sap smelling and containing Oil of Wintergreen. Fantastic yellow autumn leaf colour and dark shiny bark,...

Betula papyrifera

A striking large tree with a white papery bark and attractive yellow autumn foliage. It was introduced from North America in 1750.
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Betula pendula

This pretty tree is often known as the "lady of the woods" and is planted in gardens for its graceful pendulous form. It has an attractive white bark with sharply cut diamond shaped leaves.

Betula pubescens

Downy Birch thrives on a wider range of soils than Silver Birch, particularly damp soils. It is white barked and similar to Silver Birch but with a more upright growth habit. Younger specimens usually...

Buddleia davidii

This deciduous bush produces fragrant purple flowers on long racemes from mid summer onwards. As the common name suggests it is particularly attractive to many species of butterflies which feed on its...

Buxus sempervirens

A large bush or small tree which produces masses of small, dark, evergreen leaves. Ideal for topiary and hedging purposes in the garden.

Calluna vulgaris

This is a dwarf shrub that is often abundant on mountains and moorland. The petals are concealed by the familiar purple sepals. Common in Europe and Asia Minor.
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Caragana arborescens

A small tree but more often a shrub that can thrive in any conditions especially in exposed dry situations. It has small pea like yellow flowers which develop into the pod which is 3 to 6 cm long but...
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