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Alnus viridis

This is a shrub but it can become a small tree. Long yellow catkins (up to 10cm) are borne in April when the tree is already in leaf, unlike other Alder species. It has a smooth grey bark with shiny...
from £1.75

Amelanchier canadensis

A large suckering shrub or small tree that has an impressive white blossom which creates purple fruits, favoured by blackbirds at the end of the season. Golden autumn colour. The tree can be compact...
from £1.99

Arbutus menziesii

An evergreen tree, often multistemmed, with rich rust-coloured peeling bark which can be used to make a tea. Silvery green persistant leaves and cream ericaceous-type spring flowers followed by red...

Arbutus unedo

A small evergreen tree with deep brown bark which sheds. Its red fruits and white flowers are produced simultaneously in the autumn. Lime tolerant and hardy, this little tree can withstand gales and...
from £1.50

Berberis aggregata

An easy to grow deciduous shrub. It has pale yellow flowers in spring followed by bright red egg shaped fruits in autumn. The leaves have excellent autumn colours and the plant is very thorny.
from £0.99

Berberis darwinii

An early flowering evergreen with holly like leaves. Its flowers are bright orange tinted with red which appear in long lasting drooping clusters in spring. Good for hedging
from £1.99

Berberis gagnepainii

A small evergreen shrub that forms an impenetrable thicket making it ideal for hedges. The yellow flowers are borne in clusters of 6 or 12 which give rise to black berries with a bluish bloom.
from £1.30

Berberis julianae

An excellent dense growing, evergreen spiny leaved bush. The leaves are copper tinted when young. The scented yellow flowers are borne in bunches of up to 15. It makes a good hedging plant.
from £1.30

Berberis thunbergii

A small deciduous shrub of an extremely compact nature. It's autumn colours are outstanding together with its bright red berries. Late in spring it bears pale yellow flowers tinged with red.
from £1.25

Berberis thunbergii atropurpureum

A small deciduous, prickly shrub with a rich reddish purple foliage which grows more intense as the year progresses. It produces an outstandingly impressive low hedge.
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