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Acer saccharum

In North America the tree produces Maple Syrup and is one of the continents most colourful trees in autumn with orange, gold and crimson tints. Sugar Maple makes an excellent stand alone specimen...
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Aesculus hippocastanum

A beautiful large flowering tree. The white flowers with a yellow central blotch form stout pyramids which look highly attractive in their upright position. The seeds or conkers as they are known are...
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Ailanthus altissima

A large tree with pinnate leaves much like ash but which in young trees can be up to 1m long. Female trees produce large bunches of red fruits rather like ash keys in late summer.

Akebia quinata

A vigorous climber, semi evergreen when planted in a sheltered spot. Interesting three 'petalled' purple flowers in early summer, with chocolate fragrance. Attractive fresh green leaves made up of...

Albizzia julibrissin

Highly decorative deciduous tree with fine leaves made up of fern-like leaflets. Often mistaken for Mimosa. Exotic pink flowers late summer have long silky stamens, followed by flattened brown/yellow...

Alnus cordata

A splendid medium sized conical tree, with bright green glistening foliage preceded by yellow catkins that appear in the last throws of winter.

Alnus glutinosa

A small bushy tree that produces pretty yellow catkins in spring. Its shiny green leaves are retained late into the autumn. It has an attractive smooth dark grey bark.
from £1.50

Alnus incana

An ideal small tree or bush for cold and wet situations. This very hardy tree has grey undersides to its leaves with yellowish brown catkins which are borne in late winter.
from £1.99

Alnus nitida

A nitrogen fixing tree good for growing in poor wettish soils. Unlike other Alders, the long, decorative male catkins are produced in autumn.
from £3.75

Alnus rubra

An extremely fast growing medium sized, large leaved tree which carries male catkins up to 15cm long in the spring. It is a good choice for waterside plantings.
from £1.99
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