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Vaccinium myrtillus

A small deciduous shrub that is in flower from May to June and the seeds in the form of tiny berries ripen from July to September. It is noted for attracting wildlife and there is a particular bee...
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Vaccinium vitis-idaea

A small evergreen shrub which flowers in May and June and the tiny berries ripen from August through to October. The plant is well known for attracting wildlife.
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Viburnum lantana

A large shrub often seen in hedgerows. The ovate leaves and young shoots are covered with a dense tomentum, sometimes turning a dark crimson in autumn. The cream flowers appear in late spring and are...

Viburnum opulus

A large vigorous shrub with 5 lobed maple like leaves which colour well in autumn. It produces flattened clusters of white flowers in summer followed by red translucent fruits in the autumn, beloved...
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Viburnum rhytidophyllum

A large handsome evergreen shrub with large elliptic corrugated leaves which are dark green above and grey felted beneath. The cream flowers are borne in clusters in spring. The fruits are red,...

Viburnum tinus

An extremely popular evergreen, medium sized shrub with masses of glossy green leaves. The white-pink budded flowers are borne from late autumn to early spring. The egg shaped fruits are initially...

Wisteria sinensis

Probably the most noble of climbers. The leaves are made up of 9 to 13 oblong leaflets. The mauve or deep lilac flowers are borne before the leaves in spring and are produced on racemes up to 30cm...
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Yucca filamentosa

An evergreen perennial with strap-like grey green leaves forming a stemless rosette. Will form a clump slowly. Flower spikes produced in late summer on older plants can be up to 2m high, carrying...

Zelkova serrata

A medium sized graceful wide spreading tree with a round crown and smooth grey bark. The slender oval leaves are up to 12cm long and have slender pointed teeth. In autumn they turn a bronze red.
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