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Stewartia pseudocamellia

Named after John Stuart, Earl of Bute. A small open deciduous tree or large shrub with simple white flowers mid July. Good autumn leaf colour and orange finely flakey bark. Leaves dull above, shiney...
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Styrax japonica

A beautiful shrub or small tree with wide spreading almost horizontal fanning branches. The leaves are narrow and pointed and the white bell shaped flowers have yellow stamens. They hang along the...
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Symphoricarpos albus / alba

A strong growing shrub which can form dense thickets especially in hedgerows. The leaves are elliptical and up to 8cm long. The snowberries appear in autumn and look like glistening white marbles on...

Syringa vulgaris

A large vigorous suckering shrub. Its scented flowers are borne in dense panicles in late spring with the seeds ripening in August. It makes a pleasant informal hedge or a tree.
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Tilia cordata

A medium sized tree with heart shaped 5 to 8cm glossy dark green long leaves which are pale on the underside. The sweetly scented, ivory flower clusters appear in the latter half of the summer.

Tilia platyphyllos

A large vigorous tree with roundish sharply toothed leaves with downy hairs which are more prominent on the underside. The flowers appear in mid summer.

Tilia tomentosa

A handsome large tree of stately habit. The leaves are short stalked rounded and deeply toothed. They are dark green above and silver felted beneath and give a lovely effect in a breeze. Its flowers...

Toona sinensis

A highly decorative deciduous tree, often multistemmed. Long and large pinnate aromatic leaves, often pink when young, used in Chinese cuisine. Smooth bark on young trees becomes shaggier with age...

Ulex europaeus

A dense spiny shrub. In mild areas the yellow flowers are produced throughout the year but more usually they flower from March through to May. They thrive on and prefer very poor light or stony soils.
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Ulmus glabra

A large and impressive tree with spreading branches that may be pendulous at their tips. The large short stalked leaves are toothed and rough to the touch, turning yellow in autumn. The fruits crowd...
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