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Sambucus nigra

A large shrub or small tree with rugged bark and 5 to 7 leaflets. It bears flattened heads of white flowers in early summer which give rise to dense bunches of small black fruits. It grows well on...

Sambucus racemosa

A large shrub with 5 to 7, toothed leaflets. It bears yellowish white flowers in flat heads in spring which in summer give rise to dense heads of ripening scarlet red berries. This species is often...

Sophora japonica

A medium sized round headed deciduous tree with large 30cm leaves made up of 9 to 15 leaflets. The creamy pea like flowers form in large terminal clusters in late summer and autumn.

Sorbus aria

A neat, oval headed tree with grey hairy leaves. Often planted in streets and gardens. Heads of white flowers in May develop into red berries for the autumn but usually eaten by birds before they...
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Sorbus aucuparia

A small tree with 11 to 19 sharp toothed leaflets per leaf. Their colourful bright red fruits form dense bunches in late summer. It is highly tolerant of extreme acidity and easy to grow.

Sorbus intermedia

A small tree with a dense rounded head of branches with dark green leaves whose lower surface is grey. The orange red fruits are 12mm wide and hang in bunches.
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Sorbus torminalis

An Attractive medium sized tree with Maple like leaves which turn from a glossy dark green to bronze yellow in the autumn. The fruits start spherical and when ripe become elongated and are russet...
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Spartium junceum

A strongly growing shrub with erect green rush like stems. It has large yellow pea like flowers which are in loose terminal clusters from late summer through to autumn. Spanish Broom likes a sunny...

Styrax japonica

A beautiful shrub or small tree with wide spreading almost horizontal fanning branches. The leaves are narrow and pointed and the white bell shaped flowers have yellow stamens. They hang along the...
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Symphoricarpos albus / alba

A strong growing shrub which can form dense thickets especially in hedgerows. The leaves are elliptical and up to 8cm long. The snowberries appear in autumn and look like glistening white marbles on...
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