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Quercus palustris

A large dense headed deciduous tree with slender branches. The leaves are deeply and sharply lobed and turn a rich scarlet in autumn though they are smaller than the Scarlet Oak.
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Quercus petraea

One of two UK native species replacing robur in damper and upland areas. Its large long stalked leaves that are not auricled at the base and stalkless fruits differentiate it from robur. A good tree...
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Quercus robur

A large, impressive, long lived tree that develops a large head of rugged branches. The leaves are stalkless and auricled at the base with shallow lobes. The acorn fruits are attached to the tree by a...
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Quercus rubra (borealis)

A large fast growing deciduous tree with large matt, oval, lobed leaves that turn red and then russet brown before leaf fall in the autumn. It requires a lime free soil.

Rhamnus cathartica

A large deciduous shrub or small tree. The spiny branches are very attractive in the autumn when they are carrying their small shiny dark almost black fruits.

Rhododendron ponticum

The most extensively planted Rhododendron in the UK where in some National Parks it has become a pernicious weed. A large evergreen shrub with lilac pink flowers, it will tolerate the most extensive...
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Rhus typhina

A wide, spreading, sparsely branched large shrub or small tree that has a flat topped appearance in winter. The large pinnate leaves turn orange, red, yellow or purple in autumn giving an impressive...

Ribes alpinum

A small neat and densely twiggy deciduous shrub which makes a good hedge. Its small flowers are greenish yellow and its berries are red. It is very tolerant of shade.
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Robinia pseudoacacia

A large suckering tree with furrowed bark. The fragrant white flowers have a yellow base to the petal and attract bees in the early summer.

Rosa arvensis

Native to Europe, this is a rambling rose of the hedgerows and woodland, quite scarce in the north. Its long arching stems produce pure white scented flowers from early summer onwards. These give rise...
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