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Prunus spinosa

A large deciduous shrub or small bushy tree. It ignites in spring with a mass of small single white flowers. Blackthorn forms a secure hedging plant with its sharp spines. The fruits, like small...

Pterocarya fraxinifolia

A large wide spreading tree with a short trunk and deeply furrowed bark. The leaves are pinnate and up to 60cm long with toothed leaflets. The pendulous catkins that appear in summer are lime green...

Pyracantha coccinea

A large evergreen shrub that is valued for its outstanding display of red autumn berries. These are produced from the white flowers that appear in spring. Its dark green leaves are augmented by sharp...
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Pyrus calleryana

A pretty and resilient ornamental deciduous tree that grows to 15m. When young it has a teardrop shape but spreads with age. The showy white blossom appears before the leaves in spring and give rise...

Pyrus communis

A medium sized tree with oval glossy leaves which are often attractive in autumn. In spring the tree is drowned in white blossom and in autumn it produces sweet pears.

Quercus cerris

A large tree and one of the fastest growing oaks. It thrives on chalky soils and near the sea. The leaves are coarsely toothed and slightly rough to the touch.
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Quercus coccinea

A large deciduous tree with dark green deeply lobed leaves which in autumn turn a glowing scarlet. A fantastic tree for autumn colour especially if challenged by cold weather during autumn. It...
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Quercus ilex

A large evergreen tree with an attractive corrugated bark. The leaves are a dark glossy green not unlike holly but vary in shape and size. It can become deciduous in the very coldest areas but is an...
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Quercus palustris

A large dense headed deciduous tree with slender branches. The leaves are deeply and sharply lobed and turn a rich scarlet in autumn though they are smaller than the Scarlet Oak.
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Quercus petraea

One of two UK native species replacing robur in damper and upland areas. Its large long stalked leaves that are not auricled at the base and stalkless fruits differentiate it from robur. A good tree...
from £1.99
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