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Acer negundo

Not an elder at all but a fast growing bushy deciduous tree growing to a medium or large size. The bright green pinnate leaves are paler on the underside.

Acer palmatum

Noted for its beautiful autumnal colours of red, orange or yellow, Japanese Maple has lobed, deeply cut leaves. In the summer the leaves of this small tree are bright green.
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Acer palmatum (dissectum)

The Japanese Maple is a small tree with delicate 5 or 7 lobed bright green leaves which turn a beautiful red colour in autumn.
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Acer palmatum atropurpureum

This is the most popularly grown of the Japanese Maples and the leaves are a bronze-crimson colour throughout the summer before turning brilliant red in the autumn.
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Acer palmatum atropurpureum dissectum

A slow growing small tree/shrub with broad arching habit (sometimes looks like a large purple mushroom). Very fine purple-bronze leaves colour to orange in autumn. Excellent in small gardens
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Acer platanoides

A large fast growing tree with large 5 lobed leaves which turn bright yellow and occasionally red in autumn. Yellow flowers are borne on the bare stems in spring.

Acer pseudoplatanus

A large well known tree. It is well suited to exposed situations on all soil types. It has dark green leaves and mustard yellow flowers which develop into double winged seeds in autumn.

Acer rubrum

A large tree with dark green upper leaf surfaces that are bluish underneath. It takes on its autumn colour of scarlet red early in the season and can be quite outstanding.

Acer rufinerve

A Snakebark Maple with attractive olive green trunk,marked and lined with grey, three lobed leaves and good autumn colour. The lime-green flowers appear early in the spring with the leaves.

Acer saccharinum

A large fast growing tree that has deeply dissected 5 lobed leaves that are silvery white beneath. This produces a delightful effect in breezes. It has an attractive autumn colour.
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