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Platanus orientalis

Large deciduous tree with peeling bark. Young leaves are hairy, but smooth when older, deeply lobed. Pale bronze-purple autumn colour. Round finely spined fruit that hang on into winter.

Populus tremula

A graceful, pale grey-barked deciduous tree with leaves that flutter in the breeze making a noise like rain. Useful for damp and exposed sites. Vibrant yellow autumn colour and copper new spring...

Prunus avium

A medium sized tree, with bark that turns mahogany red and peels with age. The white cup shaped flowers give a magnificent display in mid to late spring. The fruits are small and red to purple,...
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Prunus domestic institita

The plum mostly used as a dwarfing rootstock for other varieties of plum. White flowers very early in spring, variable plum fruit in late summer.

Prunus domestica insititia

The damson is a subspecies of the plum. A small tree, it produces the oval damson fruit which has a green yellow flesh and dark blue or indigo skin. The fruits can hang shrivelled well into the...
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Prunus laurocerasus

A vigorous wide spreading evergreen shrub with dark shiny green leaves that is often used for screening. It produces attractive erect clusters of white flowers in spring that give rise to small cherry...
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Prunus lusitanica

A large evergreen shrub or small tree. Dark green leaves with reddish stalks are augmented by small white flowers borne on racemes in early summer. The fruits are small and red gradually turning dark...
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Prunus mahaleb

A small deciduous tree covered in small white flowers in spring followed by the dark coloured edible fruit in early summer. The wood has an outstanding grain which is used for pipes and walking...

Prunus myrobalan / cerasifera

A small deciduous tree smothered in small white flowers in early spring. Mature specimens bear red cherry-plums. It makes an excellent shrub for a dense hedge.

Prunus padus

A small, widely distributed deciduous tree. It bears an abundance of small white almond scented single flowers in late spring. Its small black fruits are edible but very bitter.
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