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Lavandula angustifolia "Munstead"

A compact form of lavender with narrow grey green stems. The flowers are a deeper blue than in some other cultivars and appear in mid summer.
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Lavandula stoechas

An intensely aromatic shrublet with narrow grey leaves. The dark purple flowers are borne in dense terminal heads which are topped by prominent purple bracts. They require a warm sunny position.
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Lavandula stoechas pedunculata

A grey leaved dwarf shrub with short flower spikes borne on a long stalk. The long ear like purple bracts give rise to the name "Papillion" or "Butterfly" lavender.
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Ligustrum vulgare

This Privet forms a medium sized semi evergreen shrub with dark green lance shaped leaves. The small off white flowers appear in summer and are followed by long clusters of conspicuous round black...

Liquidambar styraciflua

This large deciduous tree has shining green maple like leaves that turn a fantastic orange, red and purple in autumn. The young shoots have distinctive corky ridges. A fine specimen or woodland tree.
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Liriodendron tulipifera

A beautiful large tree with odd looking leaves that turn yellow in autumn. The flowers appear from early summer onwards resembling short stemmed tulips. They are a yellow green colour and banded at...
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Lonicera periclymenum

A vigorous medium sized climber. The flowers are up to 5cm long and fragrant, cream inside and purple / yellow on the outside. They flower from early summer through to early autumn and are followed by...
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Lonicera tatarica

A vigorous deciduous shrub up to 3m high. It produces large amounts of pink flowers from spring into early summer. These are followed by red berries.

Lonicera xylosteum

A small to medium sized shrub with grey / blue-green foliage. Its flowers are not as showy as other honeysuckles, being a creamy white and flowering for 2 weeks in late spring . It is however...

Lupinus arboreus (Blue)

A short lived evergreen shrub that can grow to 2m tall. They are delicately scented and throughout the summer they produce bright dense clusters of blue or lavender coloured flowers.
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