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Hamamelis virginiana

This is the commercial source of Witch Hazel and can range from a large shrub to a small tree. The flowers have a soft sweet perfume when they appear in the late autumn.
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Hedera helix

Common Ivy is adaptable and makes an excellent ground cover plant as well as being a good climber. Its evergreen leaves offer all year round green cover.

Hibiscus syriacus

A late flowering, large or medium sized shrub. The large trumpet shaped flowers are most impressive as they open between midsummer and autumn.

Hippophae rhamnoides

A first rate shrub or small tree for coastal salt laden areas. It has narrow silvery leaves and in winter has a show of orange berries which birds find inedible.

Hydrangea quercifolia

A medium sized deciduous shrub that should be planted more often. Large, fresh green, oak-shaped leaves turn spectacular colour in autumn. Conical panicles of cream flowers mid to late summer.

Hypericum calycinum

A dwarf evergreen shrub with large leaves and golden flowers. It is an excellent groundcover plant if kept shaded but can get out of control in full sunlight.
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Ilex aquifolium

An evergreen shrub or tree that can be very long lived with leaves that are ovoid, shiny and generally spiky. In winter bright red holly berries contrast beautifully with the dark green foliage.

Juglans nigra

A large fast growing tree with a deeply furrowed bark and large leaves. The fruits are usually in pairs and are large and round.

Juglans regia

A slow growing medium sized tree with a rounded head. It produces very valuable wood and the walnut fruit.
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Juglans sieboldiana / ailanthifolia

An impressive medium sized tree with incredible leaves that may be up to 1m long. It fruits with long pendulous strings of nuts. It can be tender to late frosts but its nut, known as the heart nut, is...
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