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Euonymus europaeus

A vigorous deciduous shrub which gives an outstandingly brilliant autumn display of red seed capsules which open to reveal bright orange seeds. It grows especially well on chalky soils and its wood...

Fagus sylvatica

A versatile majestic tree with a smooth silver grey bark and in autumn the leaves turn a rich copper gold colour. Makes an excellent specimen tree or the most outstanding of hedges. Pollution...

Fagus sylvatica atropurpureum

An outstandingly beautiful tree. This deep purple leaved form of beech is usually grown from seed. The purple plants are then selected from the 50% odd that show the purple form. It is superb hedging...

Fraxinus excelsior

A large tree that is valuable for its timber. Its winter buds are matt black and in spring they have large pinnate leaves. They are fast growing and thrive in almost any soil . They are also tolerant...

Fraxinus ornus

A pretty round topped tree which in late spring has a profusion of scented off white flowers. The leaves turn dark deep purple-red in autumn.

Gleditsia japonicum

These trees have a light canopy with pinnate leaves that emerge late in the spring and fall early making them an ideal canopy tree for a woodland garden. It is notably resistant to honey fungus and is...
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Gleditsia triacanthos

An elegant large deciduous tree with frond like leaves that is also very tolerant of polluted atmospheres. Mature trees have impressive long brown seed pods in the autumn.

Gymnocladus dioicus

A tree possibly left over from the dinosaur age. Open habit with robust branches and few twigs. New leaves open pinkish and are early to fall in the autumn. Pale green flowers in June give rise to...

Halesia carolina

An elegant, fast growing, deciduous, woodland tree with delicate, white pendulous bell flowers in spring followed by four-winged pale green fruit and yellow autumn colour

Hamamelis japonica

A yellow winter flowering deciduous shrub whose leaves turn a yellow-orange colour in late autumn. An ideal plant for use in Bonsai. They are also tolerant of chalky soils.
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