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Eucalyptus kybeanensis

An ideal Eucalyptus for smaller UK gardens, relatively slow growing. Looks like an Olive but hardier. Open, multi-stemmed tree, juvenile foliage is small and thin, adult foliage long, thin and olive...

Eucalyptus nicholii

A most attractive Eucalyptus from New Zealand having fine blue green willow like weeping foliage. It forms a small tree but can be pruned. It prefers a sheltered position and is suitable for Bonsai.
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Eucalyptus niphophila

A very hardy Eucalyptus. The stem of the tree is almost white through to green with a flaking bark. It has large leathery grey green lance shaped leaves. It is a relatively small tree (up to 15m tall)...
from £1.99

Eucalyptus nitens

Nitens makes a small tree in cooler climates with good young vigour. It has a jungly exotic appearance and the young growth stems are almost square. This tree makes a striking container plant and has...
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Eucalyptus parvifolia

An exceptionally hardy medium sized tree with an attractive peeling grey bark and willowy foliage. It produces small narrow blue-green leaves and its foliage is commonly used for flower arranging....
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Eucalyptus pauciflora

Similar to (and often considered a sub species of) Eucalyptus niphophila having a characteristic peeling green-grey and white bark. It has attractive white flowers.
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Eucalyptus perriniana

A small fairly hardy tree that has silvery leaves and a white, black blotched, stem. The leaves in young plants are round but become longer and thinner as it grows, developing their distinct bloom.
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Eucalyptus pulverulenta

A well branched medium tree easy to control by hard pruning. Evergreen foliage is glaucous silvery grey/white and bark is smooth. Cream flowers when still young.

Eucalyptus subcrenulata

Medium to large, hardy, evergreen tree. Grown as single or multistem. Crimson new shoots, red edged juvenile foliage and fresh green leaves. Grey bark with yellow and blue patches. Leaves have a...

Eucalyptus urnigera

Considered to be more decorative than E. gunnii. Makes a good specimen tree with silver-blue round juvenile and strap-like silver/grey-green adult leaves. Silver white bark maturing to...
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