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Eucalyptus citriodora

This tree is grown as a shrub for its lemon scented leaves, but in northern climes it is not hardy out of doors and is best used as a conservatory plant. In warm climates it is often planted outdoors.
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Eucalyptus coccifera

A fast growing medium sized tree which can survive some winter frost. It has strikingly bloomy leaves and stems as it begins to mature.
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Eucalyptus crenulata

A medium sized evergreen tree which can be used as hedging or coppiced for floristry. Compact grey-green, wavy edged foliage turning to green with reddish hints as it matures. White, fluffy, scented...

Eucalyptus dalrympleana

A very attractive fast growing medium sized tree which is extremely hardy. It has a handsome patchwork bark that becomes white with age. In young specimens the leaves can be a bronzy colour.
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Eucalyptus delegatensis

A very tall straight evergreen, used as a timber tree, but decorative. Juvenile leaves are round and pinkish bronze, mature leaves are narrow, grey blue and elongated. Unlike other Eucalypts, does not...

Eucalyptus glaucescens

A fast growing evergreen with round, even, silver juvenile foliage used in floristry. Coppices well and is good for screening. Adult foliage is elongated, blue-green-silver and aromatic. Fragrant...
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Eucalyptus globulus

To make a large specimen this tree requires the mildest of climates. In other situations it appears as a sparsely branched tree in "tropical" bedding schemes. Leaves on the young trees are silvery but...
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Eucalyptus gregsoniana/ E. pauciflora nana

Small tree with an open habit. Can be grown as a multistem. Bright green buds, red/purple stems, long, narrow, grey drooping leaves. Whitish-grey bark peels off in ribbons. Flowers spring, creamy...

Eucalyptus gunnii

Probably the best known and hardiest Eucalyptus in cultivation. Its juvenile leaves are rounded and an outstanding silver blue. As they mature the leaves become sickle shaped. It can be allowed to...
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Eucalyptus johnstonii

This is a pretty, hardy species with a reddish peeling bark and apple green leaves. It will create a large tree of over 20m if allowed to grow, even in cooler temperate climates and can cope with...
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