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Crataegus monogyna

A British native hedging plant. It produces a spectacular profusion of flowers in late spring that give rise to red fruits (haws) in the autumn. Hawthorn can make a large shrub or a small tree.

Crataegus prunifolia

A compact, small tree with very fierce thorns. Large white flowers along the stems in spring followed by red 'Haws' in autumn. These coupled with golden autumn leaves make this highly decorative.

Cytisus scoparius

A medium sized deciduous shrub much like gorse but without the thorns. It has rich butter yellow flowers in late spring, often visited by bees.

Daphne mezereum

A small twiggy deciduous shrub that flowers in early spring. The scented purple red flowers are followed by poisonous scarlet fruits. It thrives on chalky soils. This product is sold as dried berries...

Davidia involucrata

A delightfully beautiful tree whose bracts look like doves or pocket handkerchiefs when flowering in late spring. A medium sized tree which prefers well drained loamy soils.

Elaeagnus angustifolia

A large spiny deciduous shrub or small tree. It has silvery grey willow like leaves with fragrant flowers in the summer. The fruits are silvery amber 12mm ovals.

Elaeagnus umbellata

A deciduous shrub or small tree with a dense thorny crown. The leaves are silvery in spring but turn greener as the silvery scales wear off during the summer. The flowers in May are pale yellow/cream...

Embothrium coccineum

In late spring spectacular narrow tubular orange flowers emerge on this narrowly conical tree. Semi-evergreen and needs a sheltered spot, against a wall is ideal.

Empetrum nigrum

Low growing, evergreen shrub looking like heather. Red twigs, scale-like leaves and inconspicuous purplish flower in summer followed by edible black round berries.

Eucalyptus archeri

A wide spreading and many branched small tree not unlike E. gunnii. Small rounded blue green leaves used in flower arranging. It is frost tolerant and makes an excellent ornamental tree for smaller...
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