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Acacia baileyana

A small evergreen tree/large shrub with ferny leaves and short spikes of pompom flowers between Dec and March. Lots of Pollen produced so good for early insects.

Acacia baileyana purpurea

Small tree/medium shrub. A bronze leaved version of Golden Mimosa, new growth is grey-purple-pink, contrasting with the very early yellow flowers.

Acacia dealbata

A small evergreen tree or large shrub, with ferny grey green leaves and yellow pompom, scented flowers early in the spring.

Acacia melanoxylon

Also know as Sally Wattle. A fast growing evergreen, it has dark green pinnate leaves and in spring bears clusters of small milky white flowers. It is best suited to temperate climates but is not...
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Acer buergerianum

A Japanese style maple with three lobed bright green leaves with yellow undersides. Superb red, orange and yellow autumn tints. Perfect for bonsai, though used in Japan as street trees. Peeling bark...
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Acer campestre

A pretty, medium sized deciduous tree often seen forming parts of hedgerows. The leaves turn bright yellow in autumn and may be flushed red.

Acer ginnala

A deciduous shrub or small tree with a vigorous spreading growth habit. The 3 lobed leaves turn crimson and orange in winter. It produces fragrant white flowers in late spring.

Acer griseum

A beautiful small tree with dark green leaves in summer, turning crimson and scarlet in autumn. The bark peels to appear orange in the sunlight revealing the new cinnamon coloured bark beneath.
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Acer henryi

A rare, small tree, often multi-stemmed when mature. Grows a wide, flatish crown. Trifoliate leaves with fine red stems, hairy veins and good autumn colour

Acer macrophylla

A large, stately tree with domed head. Huge leaves up to 30cm across, incised and lobed. Gold autumn colour. Flowers lime green in long hanging catkins mid spring. Pollards well and makes good...
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