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A dense spiny shrub. In mild areas the yellow flowers are produced throughout the year but more usually they flower from March through to May. They thrive on and prefer very poor light or stony soils.
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Green Alder

This is a shrub but it can become a small tree. Long yellow catkins (up to 10cm) are borne in April when the tree is already in leaf, unlike other Alder species. It has a smooth grey bark with shiny...
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Grey Alder

An ideal small tree or bush for cold and wet situations. This very hardy tree has grey undersides to its leaves with yellowish brown catkins which are borne in late winter.
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Guelder / Guilder Rose

A large vigorous shrub with 5 lobed maple like leaves which colour well in autumn. It produces flattened clusters of white flowers in summer followed by red translucent fruits in the autumn, beloved...
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This deciduous tree (it can be evergreen in very warm climates) has a deeply fissured corky bark. In the UK it rarely produces its black fruits.

Harlequin Glorybower

A soft leaved medium shrub with exotic white flowers and pink calyces in late summer. These are followed by white, maturing blue fruit sitting in the now cerise calyx. Flowers are heavily scented and...
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A British native hedging plant. It produces a spectacular profusion of flowers in late spring that give rise to red fruits (haws) in the autumn. Hawthorn can make a large shrub or a small tree.

Hazel / European Hazel / Cobnut

A large shrub or small multiple stemmed tree that produces delicate, yellow, long female catkins called lambs tails in late winter and is used in large gardens as a shrub for screening. It produces...

Henry's Maple

A rare, small tree, often multi-stemmed when mature. Grows a wide, flatish crown. Trifoliate leaves with fine red stems, hairy veins and good autumn colour

Herringbone Cotoneaster

A low growing deciduous shrub with herringbone patterned branches. It bears bright red fruits in autumn together with a richly coloured foliage.
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