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Field Maple

A pretty, medium sized deciduous tree often seen forming parts of hedgerows. The leaves turn bright yellow in autumn and may be flushed red.

Field Rose

Native to Europe, this is a rambling rose of the hedgerows and woodland, quite scarce in the north. Its long arching stems produce pure white scented flowers from early summer onwards. These give rise...
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A large evergreen shrub that is valued for its outstanding display of red autumn berries. These are produced from the white flowers that appear in spring. Its dark green leaves are augmented by sharp...
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Fly Honeysuckle

A small to medium sized shrub with grey / blue-green foliage. Its flowers are not as showy as other honeysuckles, being a creamy white and flowering for 2 weeks in late spring . It is however...

Franchet's Cotoneaster

A popular semi-evergreen shrub that is graceful and medium sized with sage green foliage. The white flowers blushed with pink give rise to ovoid scarlet-orange fruits.
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French Lavender

An intensely aromatic shrublet with narrow grey leaves. The dark purple flowers are borne in dense terminal heads which are topped by prominent purple bracts. They require a warm sunny position.
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Gagnepain's Barberry

A small evergreen shrub that forms an impenetrable thicket making it ideal for hedges. The yellow flowers are borne in clusters of 6 or 12 which give rise to black berries with a bluish bloom.
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A tolerant, useful evergreen which happily spreads under trees and larger shrubs. Small, bell-like, pinkish white flowers in April and May followed by bluish edible berries. Carefree. No pruning...

Golden Mimosa

A small evergreen tree/large shrub with ferny leaves and short spikes of pompom flowers between Dec and March. Lots of Pollen produced so good for early insects.

Golden Rain Tree / Pride of India

A broad headed tree up to 12m high with pinnate leaves made up of 9 to 15 leaflets. In mid to late summer it produces small yellow flowers on large panicles which give rise to the bladder like fruits...
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