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Deciduous Camellia

Named after John Stuart, Earl of Bute. A small open deciduous tree or large shrub with simple white flowers mid July. Good autumn leaf colour and orange finely flakey bark. Leaves dull above, shiney...
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Diel's Cotoneaster

An evergreen cotoneaster with small ovate leaves and red fruit.

Dog Rose

A hedgerow shrub with an upright growth habit and long prickly stems. In early summer it produces large scented flowers that vary from pink through to white. The rosehips are egg shaped and bright red...

Eastern / Flowering Dogwood

A large shrub or small tree. In winter the flower buds are enclosed in 4 white bracts which open in spring; the bracts appearing to form "petals" which are tinged pink at the apex forming a very...
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Eglantine / Sweet Briar

A medium sized deciduous shrub with aromatic leaves and pink flowers which are beautiful and fragrant. The bright red oval hips persist well into the winter.

Elder / Common Elder

A large shrub or small tree with rugged bark and 5 to 7 leaflets. It bears flattened heads of white flowers in early summer which give rise to dense bunches of small black fruits. It grows well on...

English Oak / Common Oak

A large, impressive, long lived tree that develops a large head of rugged branches. The leaves are stalkless and auricled at the base with shallow lobes. The acorn fruits are attached to the tree by a...
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Ermans Birch

Ermanii has a distinctive creamy white bark which shows off well after the leaves have fallen in winter. In the summer it has conspicuous bright green heart shaped leaves.

Evergreen / Holm Oak

A large evergreen tree with an attractive corrugated bark. The leaves are a dark glossy green not unlike holly but vary in shape and size. It can become deciduous in the very coldest areas but is an...
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False Acacia / Black Locust Tree

A large suckering tree with furrowed bark. The fragrant white flowers have a yellow base to the petal and attract bees in the early summer.
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