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Chocolate Vine

A vigorous climber, semi evergreen when planted in a sheltered spot. Interesting three 'petalled' purple flowers in early summer, with chocolate fragrance. Attractive fresh green leaves made up of...

Cider Gum

Probably the best known and hardiest Eucalyptus in cultivation. Its juvenile leaves are rounded and an outstanding silver blue. As they mature the leaves become sickle shaped. It can be allowed to...
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Copper Beech

An outstandingly beautiful tree. This deep purple leaved form of beech is usually grown from seed. The purple plants are then selected from the 50% odd that show the purple form. It is superb hedging...

Cornelian Cherry

A large shrub or small densely branched tree that produces a profusion of small yellow flowers on its twigs in late winter which result in red cherry like fruits. The leaves turn reddish purple in...
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A small evergreen shrub which flowers in May and June and the tiny berries ripen from August through to October. The plant is well known for attracting wildlife.
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Crab Apple

A small tree growing to 8m tall with white flowers that may be tinged with pink when they appear in late spring. The fruits grow to 2.5cm across in the autumn and are sour to eat but make a delicious...
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Creeping Dogwood

This plant is actually a herbaceous perennial with a creeping woody rootstock. It forms an attractive carpet of foliage starred with white flowers which are succeeded by bright red fruits.


Low growing, evergreen shrub looking like heather. Red twigs, scale-like leaves and inconspicuous purplish flower in summer followed by edible black round berries.


The damson is a subspecies of the plum. A small tree, it produces the oval damson fruit which has a green yellow flesh and dark blue or indigo skin. The fruits can hang shrivelled well into the...
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Daphne / Spurge Laurel

A small twiggy deciduous shrub that flowers in early spring. The scented purple red flowers are followed by poisonous scarlet fruits. It thrives on chalky soils. This product is sold as dried berries...
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