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Box Elder

Not an elder at all but a fast growing bushy deciduous tree growing to a medium or large size. The bright green pinnate leaves are paler on the underside.

Broad Leaved Lime

A large vigorous tree with roundish sharply toothed leaves with downy hairs which are more prominent on the underside. The flowers appear in mid summer.

Broadleaved Cockspur Thorn

A compact, small tree with very fierce thorns. Large white flowers along the stems in spring followed by red 'Haws' in autumn. These coupled with golden autumn leaves make this highly decorative.


A medium sized deciduous shrub much like gorse but without the thorns. It has rich butter yellow flowers in late spring, often visited by bees.

Buckthorn/Purging Buckthorn

A large deciduous shrub or small tree. The spiny branches are very attractive in the autumn when they are carrying their small shiny dark almost black fruits.

Burnet / Scotch Rose

A small suckering deciduous shrub that makes dense low thickets of prickly branches so forming a good security barrier in plantings. It has small white or pale pink flowers from late spring through to...

Bush Honeysuckle

A vigorous deciduous shrub up to 3m high. It produces large amounts of pink flowers from spring into early summer. These are followed by red berries.

Butterfly Bush

This deciduous bush produces fragrant purple flowers on long racemes from mid summer onwards. As the common name suggests it is particularly attractive to many species of butterflies which feed on its...

Butterfly Lavender

A grey leaved dwarf shrub with short flower spikes borne on a long stalk. The long ear like purple bracts give rise to the name "Papillion" or "Butterfly" lavender.
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Cabbage Gum

A very hardy Eucalyptus. The stem of the tree is almost white through to green with a flaking bark. It has large leathery grey green lance shaped leaves. It is a relatively small tree (up to 15m tall)...
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