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Black Birch

Also known as Cherry Birch because of the similarity in foliage and Sweet Birch because of the sap smelling and containing Oil of Wintergreen. Fantastic yellow autumn leaf colour and dark shiny bark,...

Black Mulberry

A small, wide-spreading long lived tree becoming interestingly gnarled as it ages. The leaves are heart shaped and the berries produced are almost black and very sweet.

Black Walnut

A large fast growing tree with a deeply furrowed bark and large leaves. The fruits are usually in pairs and are large and round.

Black/Rum Cherry

A medium sized tree with simple serrated leaves up to 15cm long. About 40 white flowers are produced on each raceme in the spring which give rise to the fruit which turn from green to red and then...

Blackberry / Bramble

A deciduous shrub with an extremely vigorous growth habit. It produces very tasty blackberries in the autumn and its scrambling thorny spikes provide excellent protection both of wildlife and...

Blackthorn / Sloe

A large deciduous shrub or small bushy tree. It ignites in spring with a mass of small single white flowers. Blackthorn forms a secure hedging plant with its sharp spines. The fruits, like small...

Bladder Senna

A vigorous shrub with pretty yellow flowers. These form striking red bladder like papery pods which persist well into winter when the leaves have gone. It is a very adaptable and fertile plant often...

Blue Tree Lupin

A short lived evergreen shrub that can grow to 2m tall. They are delicately scented and throughout the summer they produce bright dense clusters of blue or lavender coloured flowers.
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Boston Ivy

A vigorous self clinging vine with distinctive 3 lobed leaves which turn deep crimson and scarlet in autumn. The fruits are dark blue / black. It makes an ideal climber for the side of a building.

Box / Common Box

A large bush or small tree which produces masses of small, dark, evergreen leaves. Ideal for topiary and hedging purposes in the garden.
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