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Low growing evergreen shrub with small white flowers in summer. Red berries in winter smell of Germolene, as does the foliage. Good in Christmas arrangements.


Welcome, heavily scented, pale yellow flowers appear in Feb. A deciduous shrub that thrives in a sheltered spot. The flowers attract early insects.

Wolgan Snow Gum

Small tree with an open habit. Can be grown as a multistem. Bright green buds, red/purple stems, long, narrow, grey drooping leaves. Whitish-grey bark peels off in ribbons. Flowers spring, creamy...

Wych Elm

A large and impressive tree with spreading branches that may be pendulous at their tips. The large short stalked leaves are toothed and rough to the touch, turning yellow in autumn. The fruits crowd...
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Yellow Gum

This is a pretty, hardy species with a reddish peeling bark and apple green leaves. It will create a large tree of over 20m if allowed to grow, even in cooler temperate climates and can cope with...
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Yellow Tree Lupin

A short lived evergreen shrub that can grow to 2m tall and whose flowers are yellow. They are delicately scented and flower throughout the summer producing bright dense clusters.


An evergreen perennial with strap-like grey green leaves forming a stemless rosette. Will form a clump slowly. Flower spikes produced in late summer on older plants can be up to 2m high, carrying...
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