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Sundial Lupin / Wild Lupin

A perennial plant about 0.5m high with pea like flowers that can range in colour from blue to pink or white. Its leaves are palmately divided into 7 to 11 leaflets.

Swedish Whitebeam

A small tree with a dense rounded head of branches with dark green leaves whose lower surface is grey. The orange red fruits are 12mm wide and hang in bunches.
from £1.50

Sweet Chestnut

A large, beautiful, quick growing tree. It is often found in parkland as a specimen tree with a smooth grey bark and long dark green toothed leaves which contrast with the long, yellowish spring...
from £3.75

Sweet Gum

This large deciduous tree has shining green maple like leaves that turn a fantastic orange, red and purple in autumn. The young shoots have distinctive corky ridges. A fine specimen or woodland tree.
from £1.50


A large well known tree. It is well suited to exposed situations on all soil types. It has dark green leaves and mustard yellow flowers which develop into double winged seeds in autumn.

Table Dogwood/Wedding Cake Tree

Can become a large tree when grown in damp/semishade. Architectural, tiered and layered branches. Purple autumn colour.

Tasmanian Blue Gum

To make a large specimen this tree requires the mildest of climates. In other situations it appears as a sparsely branched tree in "tropical" bedding schemes. Leaves on the young trees are silvery but...
from £1.99

Tasmanian Snow Gum

A fast growing medium sized tree which can survive some winter frost. It has strikingly bloomy leaves and stems as it begins to mature.
from £1.50

Thornless Rose

A medium sized climbing shrub. An easy to grow rose with lightly fragranced red flowers 5cm in diameter.

Tingiringi Gum

A fast growing evergreen with round, even, silver juvenile foliage used in floristry. Coppices well and is good for screening. Adult foliage is elongated, blue-green-silver and aromatic. Fragrant...
from £2.50
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