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Southern Beech/Raoul

A fast growing deciduous tree with small beech-like leaves, a straight, grey trunk and broadly conic crown when mature. Good autumn colour

Southern Nettle Tree

A small to medium sized tree with lance shaped leaves that are rough to the touch on their upper surfaces. Its bark is smooth and similar to that of Beech.

Spanish Broom

A strongly growing shrub with erect green rush like stems. It has large yellow pea like flowers which are in loose terminal clusters from late summer through to autumn. Spanish Broom likes a sunny...

Spindle Tree

A vigorous deciduous shrub which gives an outstandingly brilliant autumn display of red seed capsules which open to reveal bright orange seeds. It grows especially well on chalky soils and its wood...

Spinning Gum

A small fairly hardy tree that has silvery leaves and a white, black blotched, stem. The leaves in young plants are round but become longer and thinner as it grows, developing their distinct bloom.
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Spreading Cotoneaster

A medium sized deciduous shrub with a most reliable foliage and fruiting habit. The berries which arise from rosy red flowers are themselves a deep ruby red colour.

St Lucie Cherry

A small deciduous tree covered in small white flowers in spring followed by the dark coloured edible fruit in early summer. The wood has an outstanding grain which is used for pipes and walking...

St. Julien Plum

The plum mostly used as a dwarfing rootstock for other varieties of plum. White flowers very early in spring, variable plum fruit in late summer.

Stags Horn Sumach

A wide, spreading, sparsely branched large shrub or small tree that has a flat topped appearance in winter. The large pinnate leaves turn orange, red, yellow or purple in autumn giving an impressive...

Sugar Maple

In North America the tree produces Maple Syrup and is one of the continents most colourful trees in autumn with orange, gold and crimson tints. Sugar Maple makes an excellent stand alone specimen...
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