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Small Leaved Gum

An exceptionally hardy medium sized tree with an attractive peeling grey bark and willowy foliage. It produces small narrow blue-green leaves and its foliage is commonly used for flower arranging....
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Small Leaved Lime

A medium sized tree with heart shaped 5 to 8cm glossy dark green long leaves which are pale on the underside. The sweetly scented, ivory flower clusters appear in the latter half of the summer.

Smoke Tree / Venetian Sumach

A deciduous shrub that has rounded green leaves that colour well in the autumn. Fawn coloured plume like inflorescences are borne in early summer turning an attractive smoky grey colour by autumn.

Snow Gum

Similar to (and often considered a sub species of) Eucalyptus niphophila having a characteristic peeling green-grey and white bark. It has attractive white flowers.
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Snowbell Tree

A beautiful shrub or small tree with wide spreading almost horizontal fanning branches. The leaves are narrow and pointed and the white bell shaped flowers have yellow stamens. They hang along the...
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A strong growing shrub which can form dense thickets especially in hedgerows. The leaves are elliptical and up to 8cm long. The snowberries appear in autumn and look like glistening white marbles on...


A decorative, hardy, small deciduous tree/shrub with glossy green leaves. Very brilliant autumn colour. White ericaceous-type bell-flowers in long panicles produced July to Sept. Fragrant and...

Southern Beech/Raoul

A fast growing deciduous tree with small beech-like leaves, a straight, grey trunk and broadly conic crown when mature. Good autumn colour

Southern Nettle Tree

A small to medium sized tree with lance shaped leaves that are rough to the touch on their upper surfaces. Its bark is smooth and similar to that of Beech.

Spanish Broom

A strongly growing shrub with erect green rush like stems. It has large yellow pea like flowers which are in loose terminal clusters from late summer through to autumn. Spanish Broom likes a sunny...
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