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Scarlet Oak

A large deciduous tree with dark green deeply lobed leaves which in autumn turn a glowing scarlet. A fantastic tree for autumn colour especially if challenged by cold weather during autumn. It...
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Scotch Laburnum

A small broad headed tree that produces a profusion of drooping flowers in summer. The leaves have 3 leaflets and are a lighter green on the underside. It produces pods of poisonous seed in autumn.

Sea Buckthorn

A first rate shrub or small tree for coastal salt laden areas. It has narrow silvery leaves and in winter has a show of orange berries which birds find inedible.

Sessile Oak

One of two UK native species replacing robur in damper and upland areas. Its large long stalked leaves that are not auricled at the base and stalkless fruits differentiate it from robur. A good tree...
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A large suckering shrub or small tree that has an impressive white blossom which creates purple fruits, favoured by blackbirds at the end of the season. Golden autumn colour. The tree can be compact...
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Shagbark Hickory

When mature, forms a stately, open headed tree with plates of bark peeling away from the trunk. Leaves are made up of 5 leaflets similar to Walnut, to which it is related. Long yellow catkins in...

Shining Gum

Nitens makes a small tree in cooler climates with good young vigour. It has a jungly exotic appearance and the young growth stems are almost square. This tree makes a striking container plant and has...
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Siberian Pea Tree

A small tree but more often a shrub that can thrive in any conditions especially in exposed dry situations. It has small pea like yellow flowers which develop into the pod which is 3 to 6 cm long but...

Silver Birch

This pretty tree is often known as the "lady of the woods" and is planted in gardens for its graceful pendulous form. It has an attractive white bark with sharply cut diamond shaped leaves.

Silver Lime

A handsome large tree of stately habit. The leaves are short stalked rounded and deeply toothed. They are dark green above and silver felted beneath and give a lovely effect in a breeze. Its flowers...
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