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Pin Oak

A large dense headed deciduous tree with slender branches. The leaves are deeply and sharply lobed and turn a rich scarlet in autumn though they are smaller than the Scarlet Oak.
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Pocket Handkerchief Tree

A delightfully beautiful tree whose bracts look like doves or pocket handkerchiefs when flowering in late spring. A medium sized tree which prefers well drained loamy soils.

Portugal Laurel

A large evergreen shrub or small tree. Dark green leaves with reddish stalks are augmented by small white flowers borne on racemes in early summer. The fruits are small and red gradually turning dark...
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This Privet forms a medium sized semi evergreen shrub with dark green lance shaped leaves. The small off white flowers appear in summer and are followed by long clusters of conspicuous round black...

Purple Leaved Mimosa

Small tree/medium shrub. A bronze leaved version of Golden Mimosa, new growth is grey-purple-pink, contrasting with the very early yellow flowers.

Red / Canadian Maple

A large tree with dark green upper leaf surfaces that are bluish underneath. It takes on its autumn colour of scarlet red early in the season and can be quite outstanding.

Red Alder

An extremely fast growing medium sized, large leaved tree which carries male catkins up to 15cm long in the spring. It is a good choice for waterside plantings.
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Red Barked Dogwood

A well known deciduous species growing a thicket of stems up to 3m high. In winter the rich red stems are impressive. The fruits are white or light blue.

Red Barked Dogwood (Siberica)

Not as robust as some forms of Red Barked Dogwood but it is an outstanding medium sized shrub with coral crimson winter shoots.

Red Berried Elder

A large shrub with 5 to 7, toothed leaflets. It bears yellowish white flowers in flat heads in spring which in summer give rise to dense heads of ripening scarlet red berries. This species is often...
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