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Northern Japanese Magnolia

A hardy deciduous shrub or small tree that produces its star like white flowers from about 12 years old onwards. These are produced just before leaf break in the spring.
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Norway Maple

A large fast growing tree with large 5 lobed leaves which turn bright yellow and occasionally red in autumn. Yellow flowers are borne on the bare stems in spring.

Oak-leaved Hydrangea

A medium sized deciduous shrub that should be planted more often. Large, fresh green, oak-shaped leaves turn spectacular colour in autumn. Conical panicles of cream flowers mid to late summer.

Old English Lavender "Hidcote"

A compact lavender growing to just over 0.5m with grey green leaves and stems. The violet flowers are borne in dense spikes in mid summer.
from £1.99

Old English Lavender "Munstead"

A compact form of lavender with narrow grey green stems. The flowers are a deeper blue than in some other cultivars and appear in mid summer.
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Old Mans Beard

A rampant climber with rope like stems that form dense curtains of vegetation. It seeds vigorously and is more suited to extensive wild situations rather than a formal garden.

Oleaster / Russian Olive

A large spiny deciduous shrub or small tree. It has silvery grey willow like leaves with fragrant flowers in the summer. The fruits are silvery amber 12mm ovals.

Oregon Grape

A small shrub with pinnate leaves with 5 to 13 leaflets which often turn red in winter. Its rich yellow flowers open in early spring borne on racemes which are in clusters. The autumn berries are a...

Oregon Maple

A large, stately tree with domed head. Huge leaves up to 30cm across, incised and lobed. Gold autumn colour. Flowers lime green in long hanging catkins mid spring. Pollards well and makes good...

Oriental Plane

Large deciduous tree with peeling bark. Young leaves are hairy, but smooth when older, deeply lobed. Pale bronze-purple autumn colour. Round finely spined fruit that hang on into winter.
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