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New Zealand Flax Purpureum

A very striking evergreen shrub with purple - bronze foliage that forms clumps of rigid sword like leaves between 1 and 3m long. It has bronze red flowers on panicles up to 4m long in summer. It is...
from £6.00

Nichol's Willow Leafed Peppermint

A most attractive Eucalyptus from New Zealand having fine blue green willow like weeping foliage. It forms a small tree but can be pruned. It prefers a sheltered position and is suitable for Bonsai.
from £1.99

Northern Japanese Magnolia

A hardy deciduous shrub or small tree that produces its star like white flowers from about 12 years old onwards. These are produced just before leaf break in the spring.
from £2.50

Norway Maple

A large fast growing tree with large 5 lobed leaves which turn bright yellow and occasionally red in autumn. Yellow flowers are borne on the bare stems in spring.

Oak-leaved Hydrangea

A medium sized deciduous shrub that should be planted more often. Large, fresh green, oak-shaped leaves turn spectacular colour in autumn. Conical panicles of cream flowers mid to late summer.

Old English Lavender "Hidcote"

A compact lavender growing to just over 0.5m with grey green leaves and stems. The violet flowers are borne in dense spikes in mid summer.
from £1.99

Old English Lavender "Munstead"

A compact form of lavender with narrow grey green stems. The flowers are a deeper blue than in some other cultivars and appear in mid summer.
from £1.99

Old Mans Beard

A rampant climber with rope like stems that form dense curtains of vegetation. It seeds vigorously and is more suited to extensive wild situations rather than a formal garden.

Oleaster / Russian Olive

A large spiny deciduous shrub or small tree. It has silvery grey willow like leaves with fragrant flowers in the summer. The fruits are silvery amber 12mm ovals.

Oregon Grape

A small shrub with pinnate leaves with 5 to 13 leaflets which often turn red in winter. Its rich yellow flowers open in early spring borne on racemes which are in clusters. The autumn berries are a...
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